Visit Colorado and Enjoy Some of the Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations

When people think of Colorado, skiing often comes to mind. Although this state offers ample opportunities to ski, it also serves as an excellent destination for those who love to kayak and fish. Residents and visitors enjoy more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs across the state. Over 35 species of fish call these waters home, including largemouth bass, kokanee salmon, trout, and walleye. In addition, fly fishers enjoy 322 miles of Gold Medal streams in the state where they can reel in trout all day long. If you wish to fish and kayak in Colorado, plan a trip to one of the three following locations. 

Arkansas River

When it comes to the Best 25 Kayak Fishing Locations, Arkansas River has been named one of three in the state. Individuals who choose to spend their time outdoors on this river find they remain surrounded by beauty. Their view consists of the Rocky Mountains’ 14,000-foot peaks as well as local wildlife. The sixth-longest river in the country, the Arkansas River offers outstanding trout fishing for all, thanks in part to its controlled water flow. Fish enjoy the diverse aquatic insect population, and anglers do as well because it provides them with plenty of opportunities to reel a big one in. If you plan to visit this area, consider setting aside another day to enjoy whitewater rafting or visit the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge. 

Gross Reservoir

Gross Reservoir covers 440 surface acres and serves as a storage reservoir for Denver Water. Kayaks remain one of the few watercrafts allowed on the water, as current regulations only permit carry-on, non-motorized boats. Here, anglers find plenty of opportunities to reel in brown, rainbow, and lake trout as well as kokanee salmon, tiger muskie, and splake. Individuals will need a fishing license to take part in this activity on the reservoir. Information on when the reservoir is stocked may be found here. People cannot swim or wade in the reservoir, which means there is less to disturb the fish. Only activities, such as kayaking, that keep a person above water are permitted at this time. 

Ptarmigan Lake

For those who love adventure, consider kayak fishing on Ptarmigan Lake. This remote lake sits 12,147 feet above sea level and offers spectacular views. However, individuals must hike three miles up a gradual incline. It’s worth the trip, as the reward is a breathtaking vista, one of blue water surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. Don’t let the hike discourage you, as most people don’t find it challenging at all. Individuals looking to bring in cutthroat trout find this is the ideal location to do so in Colorado. 

With many lakes and reservoirs to choose from, men and women will find countless opportunities to kayak and fish across the state. However, if you are looking for a new location, try one of the three mentioned above. Not only will you be able to reel in fish, but you’ll benefit from the beauty of the surroundings. It’s an amazing way to get out on the water, relax, and enjoy two activities you love. Check them out today

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